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Video Testimonials

Craig taught a highly effective 2 hour self defense program to a group of 25 teenage girls.  He was quickly able to constructively communicate and gain their confidence, teach several very easy-to-remember and effective self-defense moves, and provided a number of key reminders that raised awareness around situations where your guard should be up!! Craig has the perfect personality to relate to adults, teens, and kids creating an environment where you learn while doing the moves and gaining an understanding of how to navigate potentially dangerous situations.  I would highly recommend Craig – my daughter still talks about his class and her favorite self-defense moves!
Eli N.

You just never know…

“You never know when you will need self defense, I think that we all hope we will never have to… But if there comes a day that I am attacked, it gives me peace of mind knowing that I know exactly what I would do. Craig and The Way of the Kitten techniques gave me the knowledge I needed to ensure that I have the best chances of survival should I ever be attacked. Thank you, Craig for this!”

Julia S.

It gave me peace of mind…

“I have been paranoid most of my life and lived with a great fear that some day I would be attacked. I always felt that because I was so small, I was an easy target– I was always on the go and would do a lot of things on my own. I took away so many valuable components from Craig’s class– techniques, and most of all, the right mind set. I feel a greater peace knowing that have the ability to fight back and can some day save my own life.”

Anne B.

This transformed our team…

“Craig’s workshop was a transformation for our team. We set out as a morning of interactive learning and the results were so much greater.  Our group’s experience created improved confidence, greater awareness of their surroundings, and memorable techniques to keep themselves safe.”

Brandon D.

Our staff felt more confident…

“Craig was excellent to work with. He was very  thorough, and taught us wonderful safety tips and strategies to use in order to defend ourselves if needed. He allowed us ample time to practice techniques, and was patient in working with everyone to ensure that they understood and felt comfortable with the concepts and mechanics of defending oneself from a variety of real world scenarios. Our staff left feeling more secure and confident in their abilities to defend themselves and in using the safety tips they learned in their everyday life.”

Kim S.

Saved my life…

“This class saved my life.”

Debbie H.